by Zelmershead

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Self-released by Zelmershead at 2014. Remastered and reissued on farfromthere on the last day of winter 2017.


released February 24, 2017

Produced by Anton Pokrovsky.
Lyrics and Vocals: Alina Baranovska.
Mastering: farfromthere records.
Cover design: Kira Kuznetsova.



all rights reserved


farfromthere records Kyiv, Ukraine

farfromthere records is an independent label focusing on underground electronic music.

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Track Name: Future
Older than last night
You might forget about things
Wrong and right
About the black and white sides
Of our lifes

Take it easy and
Don't ask my why
I lay on dirty sand
So unhappy end
You're understanding now
But you won't cry

Walls so very high

Am I in a prison yet
Alive or dead?
Too early or too late
To try to be unknown?
To be invisible smoke from cigarette

I'm laughing at myself
Waiting for miracles
On dirty sand
Am I forget the rules?
Here and now as a fool
On an alien's land

You know I have to stand

Now just a silent skies between
And as an aeroplane
I'm flying in
My melodies and fears
I'm scared of unhappy end

Someday we will return
Look our future leaving
Us alone
You know I have to stand
Here on an alien's land
But you won't cry

Walls's so very high.
Track Name: What About
What about breaking the rules and holding this hand
Even if other people will not understand
So would you pray for me
To your kidding destiny
What about taking it off and diving the sea

Uncomfortably noisy voices you're hearing inside
Tells that your life is already cannot be right
You don't wanna be looking mad
Don't wanna be looking bad
But you must take it all off, here is nowhere to hide

Here is no place to hide your panic
That's appears like a ringing bell
I can see your shame, I can feel you fever
Cause it's very hard to tell
What about some special mistake
And sometimes you will remind
Then you'll open up all your windows
And you'll shout in the night
"Hey where is your madness? What's up with your life?"

How about come back to the youth to find all these parts
To find there your calling and moment when you wear a mask
When you started to pray for them
And to be grey for them
When you noticed to give 'em your heart and forgot your name

What about touch this beautiful soul someday
Look in the eyes and say I never will go away
You would like to be tight with me
It's all getting right with me
Here is no place to hide your wishes so now I can see

Hey, where is your madness? What's up with your life?
Track Name: You and I and Other
Individuality out!
Systems everywhere around
So if you want to hold your score
You must do it better, to do it more!
Can you wake up, let the nightmares go
Just one thing you need to know
Only your steps to the otherside
Should show you at the moment your kings were lied

Leader said "go"
And you and I and other just saying "no"
Like a rolling stones we want to come alone and on and on

So you have to jump from your skin
Nothing anyway begin
You are working hard to pay the price
You have to do it better, to do it nice
Every evening you, weak and tired,
Dreaming about the otherside
You think tomorrow will be something new
But life's just happening with you.
Track Name: The Million Ways
She's praying for lightment
She's staring in space
She's trying to be faster
But loosing this race
She's knocking every door
She's asking for more
The Earth with this troubles
Is so different for her

Stars as a brilliants
Shows her a million ways to live
She doesn't know what's she wants
Cannot believe anyone

Any ways to live

She's searching for summer
She's playing her game
She's looking for another one
Who's looking the same
With a sadness in deep eyes
She's never been satisfied
She was born to be happy
So smile, darling, or die.
Track Name: Let The Shadows Burn
At one second
Everything has changed
Will I lose you
If I will talk again?
Seven roses
That's standing on my table
It's all that I've got from you
And that's so uncomfortable

Strings sings softly
Than yesterday
Song was ended
So I am pressing "play"
My grey shadow
Dancing here with me
I am losing you
So calm as I can be

Still you through beneath my veins
Under my skin
But I won't return
And roses fades

And nothing will begin
Just won't begin
So let the shadows burn

Say to me something
I don't know why I wanna listen to you
I've been waiting too long and I bless you
With everything I do
You leave me my grey shadow
And my grey love
And the seven roses and the grey ceiling above.
Track Name: No Good
You are trembling, but here isn't cold
You are promising me silver and gold
I'd never thought that I'll feel like this one
I'm still staying alone
I'm not so deep as you wanting to see
But you are falling in me like in the sea
I'm single bird, I don't wanna to put down the roots
Cause that's not good for me. Just no good.

Why are you looking at me by your wet eyes
I never gave to you hopes or smiles
This situation makes me wanting to hide
Oh, stop to call me "my darling, my bride"
I am absolutely free
I cannot be someone else endlessly
So stay away you must stay away
Because it's really not good for you, babe

Cause that's no good
No good
To be thinking
About me

I think you've noticed that I've got a different view
It's not so easy to imagine me and you
And we will never begin
I think you know what I mean
I'm running in your brain as a rare drug
But believe boy, you can stay above it all, good luck,
I will tell you more
If it's not understood
Our relationship's not good for you
Just no good

Summer hot sun
Burns you
I'm begging you, run
Far away
Because it's really not good

You are whispering but nobody's hear
When I am coming, you are waiting here
I never thought I'll be shouting on you
But now I do
Your apologies no matter to me
You're the one, which I would never wanna see
So stay away, you must stay away
Because it's really no good.
Track Name: An Exit
In the black hole between the worlds
We have met at first time
He was singing the songs, I couldn't find an exit
There was dark and cold
I saw a tear beneath his cheek
He has no answers
I don't know was it years or weeks
Something happened with a time.

Why am I still keep control
Without an exit from the hole
I just held his hand in mine
And I'm in fire
Just for fun
And that's fine

Am I queen? Am I queer?
Are we loving awhile we're sitting here?
I'm your fear, I'm your quicksand
Shut up your logic, then you will understand

In his sweet eyes lives a shining dream
It's making a little brighter
Our terrible room, I said I don't believe him
No more
So enjoy this moment, we can not hold it
Can't stop the minutes and fantasies
Something happened with a time.
Track Name: Spirit
Sweet spirit was lost
I stare in a turned off screen
I' m trying to catch this ghost
I feel him somewhere in between
Oh, don't disappear next minute
Why are you so serious?
I'm waiting for some kind of spirit
I'm waiting for a northern ghost

Are you spirit?
If you know, oh how I need it

My good behaviour was broken
Cause I know you won't treat me right
His wings has vanished as a clouds
In a short summer night
I know what you're gonna do with it
This magic can never be lost
I'm calling you, my silent spirit
I'm waiting for a northern ghost

Supernatural mania brings me
A different look on the simple things
Do you feel here this strange frost?
Like with the spirits or with ghosts
Did I saw they before?
No. But deny
I'll see you on my street and spirit's crossing by
Only cameras can watch up your face
But I can touch, and I can taste

And then the miracles started
Not only in my head
Darling, welcome to my party
I promise you, it won't be sad
I can't believe that I hear it
Oh, sweet whisper, I need you most
I'm waiting for some kind of spirit
I'm waiting for a northern ghost.
Track Name: Time to Vibe
You're absolutely don't know
What was happened two minutes ago
Is that the wind blows or
Something more?

Electric shining
Between your fingers
Sure, you don't need this
Just catch this moment
Leave your comments for a new day
Press pause and stay
It's time to wait

It's time to vibe
For show
A music filling us all
It's time to wait
No no
You are rocking each other slow
Cause it's too late
You are in a free space
It's impossible, you are the only one in this place
It's time to vibe
So good-bye
I'm travelling in my own mind

You really thought you had grown
But here and now what's going on?
Is that the childhood or
You ain't seen before?

Emotions takes you
You are walking on air
Stair by stair
The music's playing
Tell me, can you ever leave your pain?
For this wonderful day, it's time to wait

It's time to vibe
For show
An endless filling us all
It's time to wait
No no
You are rocking each other slow
Cause it's too late
You are in a free space
It's impossible, you are the only one in this place
It's time to vibe
So good-bye
I'm travelling in my own mind

Now you see it's not a game
It's a dangerous temptation
Can you feel the same?
Feel this slow vibration
And I say "Yes"
I am impressed
Every second's making a little
Sweeter this taste
We had lost our heads
Synchronously breathing
Just squeezing the tears
Of a happiness
As a wave this feelings sweeping us
And I'm weeping and I'm creeping
On a shaky floor
In a room without the doors
And we're flying, and we're crying
Like a teenage child's denying
On this enjoying
And we're loving
It's so amazing together
To get high and fly
Maybe someday we will fall again
And this magic will die but now
The hall world can wait
Because it's time for us
Because it's our last chance
Till we have no defence
Please, look in my eyes
It's time to dance
You know, it's time for a vibes.